18 September 2004
Congratulations on your new shop, which is the most elegant Bookshop I have  ever  seen, with no equal I know in Istanbul, New York or London, not to  mention  your extremely broad selection of books about Turkey. I wish you the  success you richly deserve. With best wishes.
John Freely

~ ~ ~

21 September 2004

Congratulations to Ali on the new Bookstore, an ornament to Istanbul and to  Divanyolu, and a great way for all of us to learn more about our beloved  Turkey.  And thanks for stocking Gardens of Paradise and  Masterpieces of Anatolian  Carpets!

Walter Denny
~ ~ ~
27 September 2004

My congratulations on the opening of your Bookshop. It is a pleasure and privilege  to the one of the first visitors. Wish you many successes!

Petr Stegniy
Russian Ambassador

~ ~ ~
17 February 2005
It is an unexpected and great pleasure to rediscover this oasis of  intellectual  excellence and beauty in the heart of the Queen of Cities. May God preserve  it  for many years.
Michael Gfoeller
US Diplomat
~ ~ ~

30 April 2005

Mr. Ali, your Bookshop not only graces Turkey with a window to the west, and to  the east, but would be a proud addition to any country with a tradition  so rich.


Prof. Ian Ritchie
Royal Academy

~ ~ ~
October 2005

Dear Ali,
To write a book you need a publisher, to publish a book you need a bookseller, as a  writer and a publisher, salute this jewel of a shop where writers finally  find their  audience. With every good wish.


Barnaby Rogerson & Rose Baring
Eland Publishing

~ ~ ~
3 November 2005

I called in for a minute, I stayed for over an hour. Such is the attraction of   one of  the best Bookshops in the world. I could stay for days, browsing, reading ,  admiring. Thank you, Ali, for your friendship and hospitality. The Bookshop will  be  a regular stopping point on future visits in Istanbul.


Peter Clark
Translator & Dilettante

~ ~ ~

10 May 2006

For book-lovers, and for writers, this shop is a revelation ; like discovering hidden  treasure. I spent hours here and kept finding new delights. Definitely the  best  Bookshop I?ve visited anywhere in the world and I will be back on my next visit to  Istanbul.

Juliet Marillier
~ ~ ~
29 May 2006

To Ali,
Thank you so much for making it possible for the members of the U.S. Congress to  have John Freely?s wonderful book on Istanbul. What a wonderful  Bookstore  you  have. Would you consider coming to Washington and starting a store?  Congratulations and great fortune in the future.

Senator Dick Clark
~ ~ ~

3 July 2006

To Mr. Ali and his wonderful staff,
At the end of our two months on the Silk Road, traveling by land from China to  Istanbul, we found two oases, the Bosphorus and your wonderful  Bookstore.  Thank you so much for your assistance and for building up your wonderful  collection.


Dr. Judith Sessions
Dean of Libraries of
Miami University

~ ~ ~
25 July 2006

Very many congratulations on your wonderful new Bookstore, undoubtedly one of   the finest in the world. What a beautiful selection of  art books and  those  devoted  to Turkey. With best wishes for continuing success in all you do.


Barbara Taylor Bradford